Our Divisions

We oversee the entire production cycle ​directly. We have a strong product development focus, guaranteeing continuous technical innovation. This has always been one of our main strengths. Our four successful divisions–​Recycling,​ ​Handling​ ​and Industrial–are the result of this continuous innovation. In addition to design and construction, including turnkey solutions of the aforementioned systems, we offer all-inclusive personalised service including feasibility studies, 3D simulation, residual life analysis and revamping, after-sale assistance (including remotely),​ ​spare parts, and routine and extraordinary maintenance.


Divisione Riciclaggio

Turnkey machinery and systems for the recycling of various materials

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Divisione Movimentazione

Machinery for handling containers of objects and/or food

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Divisione Industriale

Machined structural steelwork with assembly of both individual parts and the whole machine

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Parlaci del tuo progetto

We’ll provide you with the most suitable solutions based on your specific technical requirements