Bag Openers – AS 450

Bag openers are designed specifically to unpack packed but not particularly pressed materials. Bag openers are used in places with high influx of materials such as landfills and municipal collection centres, dealing with solid urban waste that is packaged but not particularly pressed. The PLC commands the entire production cycle, blade reversals, cleaning cycle and rotor speed, and stores pre-set recipes to facilitate the work of the operator to resume the same processing at a different time. The large hopper above the machine serves as a storage chamber freeing the operator to perform waste processing cycle control operations.

Technical features of Bag Openers - AS 450


-Overall Dimensions: 3168 x 1514 x 1354

-Cutting chamber: 1150 x 1500

-Shaft shredder distance : 450

-Weight: 10500

-Motor: 1 x 18 kW + 1 x 45

-Blades: unbundling

-Blade thickness: 40


-Overall Dimensions: 3468 x 1514 x 1354

-Cutting chamber: 1150 x 1800

-Shaft shredder distance : 450

-Weight: 12500

-Motor: 1 x 22 kW + 1 x 55

-Blades: unbundling

-Blade thickness: 40

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