High-powered waste crusher – LC 520

These high-powered waste crushers are available only in a version with hydraulic transmission and hydraulic power pack separate from the machine and integrated with the electrical board. The power pack is also protected by a monobloc structure able to protect the components from atmospheric agents. High-powered waste crushers are used in places with great influx of materials such as landfills and municipal collection centres, dealing with solid urban waste, bulky waste, industrial waste and all baled and bulk materials. Through careful design, we have reached a high tearing rate of up to 25 ton/h using low power, generating reduced consumption in terms of cost per ton. The PLC commands the entire production cycle, blade reversals, cleaning cycle and rotor speed, and stores pre-set recipes to facilitate the work of the operator to resume the same processing at a different time. The large hopper above the machine serves as a storage chamber freeing the operator to perform waste processing cycle control operations.

Technical features of the High-powered waste crusher - LC 520

– Grinder in electro-welded structure (sheets thickness 40 mm)

– Bearings widely separated from the shredding area

– Two 240 mm hexagonal shafts

– Independent rotors

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