Disk Screens

Disk screens are located inside the systems that can separate large amounts of pre-ground materials such as industrial, bulky and wet waste.

These machines provide a high flow rate of material, and their wide range of interchangeable accessories guarantee highly precise selection. They can also transport heavy foreign materials.

The carefully designed rollers are highly resistant to wear and guarantee high reliability over time. The sifting shafts are divided into input and output rollers, with different shapes and independent transmission. This unique characteristic better distributes the material over the entire sifting surface.
Disk screens are composed of rollers with a constant pitch in which different polygonal disks are inserted depending on the material to be processed. The material is moved along through rotation of the polygonal disk shafts and is also shaken vigorously. This improves sifting/division between heavy and lightweight materials, and between large and small materials. The roller speed control inverter improves and better calibrates separation of the materials. So, the operator increases and decreases the speed using a potentiometer to find the perfect balance.

Special inserts welded to the shaft allow large material to move through inertia toward the next disk, thus preventing the material from falling into the under screen.

Camec’s disk screens are easy to maintain since they are designed for easy assembly of parts subject to wear. The shafts are easy to wash using high-pressure washers, while any material that becomes twisted around the shafts can be removed using thermal systems, since the rollers are very thick.

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