Single-shaft shredders

The shredders of the GR and GRR lines are suitable for processing various materials in applications requiring lower productivity. The screen on these shredders guarantees homogeneous output size, preparing the material for subsequent uses. Their interchangeable cutters also permit quick maintenance, minimizing downtime. Their compact dimensions and performance characteristics mean that these shredders can be run by an electric motor. Their unique innovative technology makes GR and GRR shredders highly efficient with reduced energy consumption.

The high-powered shredders of the GS and GL line meet high standards of quality and performance especially for the processing of MSW, plastics, wood, rubber, paper and cardboard, and bulky industrial waste. With a powerful structure and performance, the high-powered shredders guarantee high productivity and reliability. Thanks to their screen, these shredders produce homogeneous output size, preparing the material for subsequent processing and uses. The use of interchangeable cutters also permits quick maintenance, minimizing downtime. The blades can be configured in various thicknesses and numbers for great flexibility, while the use of interchangeable cutters with a wear-resistant coating protects the machine from damage.

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