Can crusher – SB30

Technical features of the SB30 can crusher

Industrial can crusher, ideal for compacting and reducing the volume of tin drums, tanks and cans with 30-litre max capacity, to cut disposal costs 320×550 diameter)

– Compacting chamber dimensions: 320x320x 550 mm

– Overall dimensions: 409x504x 1673 mm 1.5 kW electric motor 380V 50 Hz (for hydraulic version)

– Also available in 220 V version (for hydraulic version)

– Total crushing time: 12”

– Crusher weight (=mass) approx. 85 kg

– Push button controls

– Pressing plate moving upwards

– Crushing force: 2.5 tons at 6 bars for the pneumatic can crusher and 4.5 tons for the hydraulic version

– Pressing plate is guided at four points by means of self-lubricating material

– Liquid collection tray

Watch the SB30 can crusher in action

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